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Save our green space


Eleven acres of green space in High Barnet called Whalebones Park has high potential to be developed on. Stand with us to save our green space.

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We want to conserve Whalebones Park for the benefit of Barnet's communities and the environment.

What's the situation?

Whalebones Park might soon become another housing development. Barnet can't afford to lose another 11 acres of green space.  Learn more about the current situation.

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Concerns from the community

Whalebones Park epitomises our leafy suburb. Development on this land means changing the ethos of the area and might have a detrimental effect on the environment.

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History of Whalebones Park

Whalebones Park first appeared on a map in 1872 and has since become a captivating landmark. In recent history, it was home to the late Miss Gwyneth Cowing who founded the Barnet society and whose family owned the Barnet Press.

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Future of Whalebones Park

We care about the Barnet community and our green spaces. If Whalebones Park has to change, could it be for the benefit of the community and environment?

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