About Us

We are a campaign group who want Whalebones Park to be conserved.

We want Whalebones Park to be conserved for the benefit of Barnet's communities and the environment. 

We think this can be done through co-ordinating a campaign. We will share information about what is happening on Whalebones Park, support people to share their opinions, and provide space for people to share ideas for how they think Whalebones Park could be conserved.

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We are currently building a voluntary team of concerned and motivated Barnet residents who want to see Whalebones become something special in the borough.

We’re looking for people that will not only influence planning on the land, but also support other people in the community to do the same.

Just let us know who you are and what you think you could contribute, and we'll get back to you soon about an initial meeting.

We feel we need people who have an understanding of

  • Finance
  • Agricultural maintenance 
  • Law
  • Digital / IT / Computers
  • Community management

We're new to this, so if you feel you can contribute in these ways or others, please do get in contact.

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The work so far has been led by Culainn Boland-Shanahan. A Barnet local who was born and raised in different areas in the borough.

His work has led to the development of this web platform through thorough and critical research into designing possible futures for Whalebones Park.

If you’d like to find out more about about Culainn, click here to visit his personal website. Graphic design was supported by Ruko Kuga. Click here for her personal website.